What Do You Think?

Question Prompts: Did we get the higher order thinking of moving students beyond the literal and existing information? If not, why not? Could we have staged our expectations even better? Were there things we did or didn't do that might increase the rigor of thinking and experience AND the lesson learned BEFORE producing a final product? Were we able to help the kids find real, meaningful and worthy stories?


What worked?

  • Preparation. Bernajean's methodology and exhaustive preparation combined with Jen, Julie and Liza's pre-work really had us ready for action when we landed. (KJ)

What could work even better?

  • We seem(ed) to have a lot of different things happening - traditional DS via iMovie, Machinima, SL ... would focusing on fewer final formats/types help? (KJ)
  • More preparation for kids in SL (experience with the medium) (KJ)

What advice for learning forward?

  • Find a way to do this together over a period of time like a workshop!!! Hope I can make it to summer camp but I'm not sure. (KJ)