This page will address the planning and implementation of all tasks and goals that need to happen BEFORE BJP arrives.
1. set up a story prompt for students to go beyond the literal to find their "story within the story"
Ideas? Suggestions for story prompt for:
  • The Road Not Taken

2. reading American Poem reflective posts on Frost's Road Not Taken to envision your own story
3. teachers are encouraged to scan American Poem COMMENTS in preparation for coaching kids
4. teaches and students will complete Steps 1-3 of the seven steps before BJP arrives:
Story perspective + images lists + sound/music lists + developing the storyboarding
6. figure out tool to use for journeling
7. Socials for fishbowling and sharing perspectives in SL pods to expand thinking -- brain "mental models" discussion
8. using a "think pair and share" approach will organize each student for their (individual) interpretation or their "story within the story" first then . . . dialogue (pair) with others before shaping their final collaborative groups
9. Now groups (3-4) will be formed - each member will be "sharing" their perspective - group will determine a singular perspective to develop??
10. Note: we do not want products to look like stitched quilts - each product will be developed as a cohesive singular product
11. Note: final product should look like ONE person produced it ONE VOICE
12. Teachers will determine whether groups will be cooperative-scaffolded or collaborative
13. One class will create one collaborative story - operating within a singular setting, mood, main message, for the StoryWorlds - (explain to 7th grade teachers ) still doing all of the same tasks but one group will operate as a total and prototype "STORYWORLDS"
start by teachers reading the comments on web page from Frost poem and then generating each student's own story find the proper tool to publically declare these parallel stories =metaphor can be social, historic

14. Recommended: View 2 stories at DigiTales' StoryKeepers Gallery --> Beyond Words for examples that demonstrate the overall goal for the interpretive approach. See both poems= "At what price" = Whitman's Captain O Captain along with Road Taken for Peace = Frost's The Road Not taken