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Q: Have we any idea how this is going to span both RL and SL? A: Not yet!
OK Let's throw around some ideas...How does ANYTHING we do play out virtually and face2face??? Let's look at some examples of live events that happen in both worlds--ISTE events, NMC events-- What we have is the potential of a larger (international) audience when we chose to share our stories, but we also have the potential for a new media of story expression -
AJ/RR - In the end, or even as we go along, the current version can be loaded up into a video viewer - and this can be done both on the TG AND the MG.

Q: We need a place to store/share forms, documents, etc. related to the project. BJP has many. Ideas?
We can use this wiki - capable of supporting as many docs in multiple formats as we choose-- OR we can create a depository in my iDisk.
AJ/RR - I LOVE Google Docs - supports a word, spreadsheet, and presentation formats that are easily exportable to other format types and VERY easily sharable between folks. (p.s. - same with Google Calendar, btw)

Q: I created a page off of the Frost page to show you all something I'm using in class. I see it under "recent changes" but other than that, where oh where did it go? Do any of you see it? --LM--
Liza- The other step in creating a page is physically creating the link by
1. clicking on "edit navigation" at the bottom of the Navigation menu sidebar
2. typing in the name of the page as you wish it to appear in the navigation menu sidebar which adds it to the navigation list
3. highlight the name of the page and select the link tool from the top toolbar and link it to the text
4. save save save
I will do it for you and show you next time you are in library! (-Peg)

Has anyone considered Ustreaming at Ramapo through this process? Peggy, what are the limitations with kids "on air"? ~LL