That's a Wrap: Reflections and Learning Forward

WHEW! Learned a LOT! Still learning as I review in my mind's eye our week together.
Here are some categories to organize our reflections. I have included question
prompts for EACH category. the more specific our ideas and recommendations, the
more useful to others on the team. But you don't have to answer EACH of the prompt
question prompts -they are just there to get your thinking caps revving. Just please
respond any way you feel helps answer these three OVERALL reflection questions:
1. What WORKED!
2. What could have worked even BETTER?
3. What ADVICE would you give yourself and others for learning FORWARD
improving the NEXT round of projects like this?

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Soak into Kevin Jarrett's Blog mapping our time together - was it only four days:)
Take a photo tour of our storytelling week together!
Check out the local newspaper article on our adventure!



Digital Storytelling Approach

StoryMaking Phases and the Seven Step Process

Collaboration / Group Processes

Mini-lesson Approach

Class Management Strategies

Second Life Uses / Needs / Ideas

Technical (Hardware & Software)

Memorable quotes from students and staff

Open Forum for "Last Words" Advice