From BJP - this is an exerpt from a message BJP posted to a Google Group for the Center for Advanced Virtual Education, an SL group I (KJ) manage. I thought it was a good starting point.

We are heading into digital storytelling communication mode
but . . . will first be stepping into a few preparation tasks first
with the kids. Writing an original narrative digital storytelling
takes 8-10 hours before we even get to the digital production. So I
wanted to suggest a starting place that is not quite digital
storytelling- more of a multimedia story - but will still build a set
of critical skills. So we are beginning with a poem rather than their
own original work for a first step - Frost's The Road Not Taken.

Here is the task

Small groups will work collaboratively to craft a multimedia sensory
experience of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” Each small
group will be challenged to dance together all of the Take Six:
Elements of a Good Story as they develop their own voice
interpretation with selected images, ambient sounds, special effects
and music while also creating a personal reflection of the meaning of
Frost’s poem into a 3-5 min movie that will be shared during dinner.
The expectation to have a personal connection of the poem’s meaning
to themselves, their community or humanity incorporated is an
essential element. This personal connection is referred to as the
lesson learned, moral of the story, or the “so what” that develops
some kind of explicit meaning or wisdom beyond the actual literal
poem translation to how the topic matters for you or your viewers.


We want them to go beyond the existing, literal meaning of the poem
to reflect on the implicit and develop their own interpretive digital
story (Not storytelling as this is not their own narrative but we can
incorporate many of the Take Six anyway). Interpreting Poetry:
Even though the students are not writing their own narrative, the
Frost poem does allows us to practice one CORE expectation for any
digital storytelling - to develop a lesson learned or sharing of
wisdom. This means they will need to go beyond existing information
as consumers and create their own thinking or meaning. This lesson
learned element becomes the spine of the story that organizes the use
of images, sounds, and music.
Here is an online database resource of comments for ideas of how
Frost's poem spoke or mattered to various readers from all over the
world. Some say "nice poem" or "best poem ever read" showing little
personal reflection while others make a deeper connection or meaning
to their lives.

Here are some ideas or "roads" being suggested for students to take
as they determine their approach and design of their multi-media
Frost poem. While the words will be the same for each student group,
it is always a delight to experience their creativity. The individual
voice delivery and lessons learned or meaning, along with various
visual/auditory interpretation crafts very unique products. If you
have other ideas - let us know AND . . . would love to hear what
this poem might mean to any of you, fellow SL travelers. Should be
over-the-top fun to share the world of these middle schoolers -
thanks Peggy for your warm hospitality in organizing us to gather.